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GASTRION (known at the trade register as V.O.F. SBVR All Solutions) is a wholesaler with a wide range of air treatment products, focussed on ionization and infra red heaters, both electric and gas.

By doing business, Gastrion always tries to use a few basic guidelines, which are central by our way of business:

  • Fair and quick customer service
  • As fast as possible delivery;
  • Customer specifec solutions and support.

Air treathment by using ionization is a innovative way to reduce fine dust, bacteria and other matter from the air. The use of ionization has many positive effects on the air climate and the people and animals who function in it. Read more about ionization.

Our gas heaters are produced by ourselves to ensure a long life time and to set a certain standard regarding the quality. To complete our infrared heating portfolio, Gastrion also offers electric heaters to create simple and comfortable solutions for certain areas and objects. The Gastrion heaters van be used in multiple markets such as agriculture, transport and the Catering Industry.  Read more about our heaters.


The Gastrion products can be applied in multiple markets. Our main markets for ionization and heating are:

  • Agricultural (both ionization and infrared heating)
  • Catering Industry (both ionization and infrared heating)
  • Industry (both ionization and infrared heating)
  • Transport (both ionization and infrared heating)
  • Horse Riding (both ionization and infrared heating)
  • Consumer Gardens (infrared heating)

Do you have any questions about one of our products, ionization and heating or do you want a quotation? Do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the quotation form.