EN| Electric Heating

For our electric radiators, our range consists of three different types that can be used for multiple applications. In combination with gas heating, Gastrion provides a diverse and complete range of heating solutions for many applications

The electric infrared heaters with and without remote control are suitable for, among other things, (catering) terraces, poultry buildings, horse stables and in (back) gardens. All radiators are IP65 / 67 waterproof, so that they can be used optimally and for the long term both indoors and outdoors.

To select the right radiator, it is important to determine the desired capacity. The table below shows the capacity (output) and some other data from the electric radiators.

Model Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) Weight (KG) Power (W) Voltage (V)
005G2-150 540*100*77 3.1 1500 220-240
005G2-150-KY 630*100*77 3.5 1500 220-240
005G2-200 540*100*77 3.1 2000 220-240
005G2-200-KY 630*100*77 3.5 2000 220-240
011H 450*450*151 5.7 2000 220-240
011H-KY 450*450*151 5.7 2000 220-240


If you want to know more about our electric heaters or the additional products, go to a specific product page or do not hesitate to contact us.