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To complete our electric heaters, Gastrion offers multiple additional products which can be used in combination with our heaters. The most common additional products are the dimmer box, the parasol brackets and the remote controller. Besides those three, Gastrion offers more additional products, like the hanging chain and extra wall mounting extensions. For a total overview of all our additional products open the productlist at the bottom of the page.

4 zone dimmer

If needed it’s possible to order a 4 zone dimmer to control up to 4 heaters at once. The dimmer has a maximum capacity of 8000 Watts (2000 Watts per unit). The dimmer can be used beside the remote controller and can be hanged easily.

Parasol brackets

Electric heaters are often used for hanging underneath a parasol. To do this, a special bracket is required. With the five different brackets (LDP-02 up to 06), it’s possible to hang the electric heaters under almost every parasol.

Remote controller


Both the 005G-series as the HR011-series are optional with a remote controller. This makes it easy to controll one or more heaters from a distance. The heat output can be regulated from 100% up to 33% (100-80-70-60-50-33).

As shown in the picture, there are five different types of parasol brackets, the LDP-02 up to LDP-06. Al those brackets have different measurements and functions to make sure that there is a bracket for every parasol.


If you have a question or if you want more inforamtion about one of our additional products do not hesitate to contact us.


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