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For the perfect horse treatment, especially in the winter months, horse keepers or horse stable owners chose to improve conditions for the horses. The Gastrion heaters are a perfect solution to do so. The heaters can be installed in every stable or in the general area to achieve the desired stable temperature.


  • Multiple heaters for different applications.
  • In hight adjustable
  • Stainless steel
  • IP65/67 waterproof
  • Electric heaters with dimmer box, remote control and bluetooth function
  • High and low capacity

For horse stables, the installation of our heaters can be divided in two different ways. The first way is to install one heater per stable. This way, the climate can be controlled per stable and al the heat is used in a efficiently. The second way to install the heaters is in the whole stable barn. This way a few heaters will radiate all the stables at once.

For installation of the stable barn, multiple heaters, with a high capacity will be used. Depending on the measurements of the stable barn, multiple heaters will be installed at the ceiling of the barn. Those heaters can be adjusted in height and capacity.

It is also possible to install a heater in every stable. As can be seen in the pictures, this can be done in two different ways. It is possible to install the heater on the facade of the stable, so the heater radiates the stable from the side. It is also possible to install the heater directly above the stable so it radiates down. The heater will be installed with a hanging chain which can be delivered with every heater. Just as with the heaters at the ceiling the heaters can be adjusted in height and capacity to create the perfect climate for every size horse in the stable.

For installation in the stables it selves, heaters are used with a low capacity. The electric and low capacity gas heaters will produce enough heat to create a good stable climate for the horses.

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