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With a diverse range of heaters, electric (optional with dimmer, remote control or even bluetooth function) and gas radiators (the S, M or G series), it’s possible to select a perfect infrared heater for every garden. The heaters vary in capacity and all have their own specifications.


  • Diverse range of heaters for every garden / home / terrace
  • IP65 / 76 waterproof
  • Optional with remote control
  • Optional with bluetooth function
  • Optional with dimmer
  • Optional with Low Glare and Ultra Low Glare lamp
  • Easy to install
  • low maintance
  • No noice

As can be seen in the illustrations, the infrared heaters can be mounted on a façade, under a roof or in a parasol. The  are supplied with every unit (except the G-serie gas heater). For more information about the mountingmaterials and specifications of the heaters go to the specific product page.

Both the electric and the gas heaters use the radiation. By heating surfaces with radiation you ensure the perfect temperature on a specific area. As a result, no other surfaces of your garden are heated and all energy is used to heat the right spot.

For heating small surfaces such as outdoor terraces, the low-capacity heaters are usually used with an output between 1500W and 3500W. To generate this capacity, our electric radiators and our S-series (gas heating) are most suitable for heating your garden. It is possible to use several radiators for a larger surface area.

If you have questions about one of our products, a specific application or if you want to request a quotation, please contact us via the contact or quotation form.

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