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In the industrial market, electric radiators and gas radiators provide a wide range of options for heating your business premises, warehouse, cargo docks or even the canteen. Due to the wide range that varies from capacities under 1000W up to and including large-scale capacities of 12,000W, there is a solution for every industrial space.


  • Diverse offer (a solution for every room / area)
  • Range from 1000W up to 12,000W
  • Stainless steel
  • IP65/67 waterresistant
  • Easy to install
  • For heating both small and large surfaces

As with all other application areas, the radiators, both electric and gas, can be attached to a façade/wall or to a (flat) ceiling. The radiators will fit in and function perfectly, when installed just above a loading dock or on the ceiling of a factory.

One of the biggest benefits of heating by radiation is that the heat is radiated towards a certain surface or object. By doing so, only the objects or areas that needed to be warmed will be warmed and therefore less energy is wasted.

As shown in the pictures the heaters can be installed on a facade or on a flat ceiling. The heaters will also come with a hanging chain so, when installed on a ceiling, the heater can be lowered. By hanging the heaters lower than the ceiling there is less capacity needed to heat a surface or object.

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