EN| 005G-series

The 005G series consists of four heaters that are all elongated in shape. The length of the radiator creates a variety of heating surface and can optimally distribute its heat over a rectangular surface. Thanks to the rectangular division, the 005G series is perfect for a façade, above terraces, in gardens and for industrial use.


  • High infrared output
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Optional with low-glare and ultra low-glare lamp
  • EFS easy fitting system (easy replaceable lamp)
  • Easy to install 
  • Optional with remote control and dimmer cabinet
  • Low maintenance required
  • Heat output adaptable (100-80-70-60-50-33)
  • Stainless steel

The 005G2 series are available in variants of 1500W and 2000W, which are adjustable in different ways. All 005G2 heaters can be connected with a separate dimmer box. With this dimmer box the heat output can be regulated between 100% and 12%.

In addition to the dimmer box, the 005G2-KY variants also have the option of a remote controller. Just like with the dimmer box, the output of the KY can also be controlled with six different positions using the remote controller. A remote controller can be used for multiple radiators.

The 005G2 heaters are made of stainless steel and are IP67. This allows the heaters to be easily used in outdoor and industrial environments.

Each electric heater comes standard with a wall bracket and chains (to hang the heater). It is also possible to obtain various other brackets for, among other things, parasols.


  • Catering (terrace)
  • Horse stables
  • Industry halls 
  • (Back)gardens / balconies
  • Bathrooms
Low Glare Innovation:

The new generation of lamps with 100% heat and 80% less light.

The Low Glare lamp significantly reduces visible light without reducing the heat output. For example, the current mood lighting on a terrace or balcony will not be disturbed with the light from the radiator.

Ultra Low Glare Innovation:

The new generation of lamps with 100% heat and 90% less light.

The Ultra Low Glare lamp provides an even stronger reduction in light output. The lamp does not give a red, but a soft yellow glow for a comfortable and natural experience, similar to the sun.

Model Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) Weight (KG) Power (W) Voltage (V) Kleuren
005G2-150 540*100*77 3.1 1500 220-240


005G2-150-KY 630*100*77 3.5 1500 220-240
005G2-200 540*100*77 3.1 2000 220-240
005G2-200-KY 630*100*77 3.5 2000 220-240





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