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The M-series infrared heaters are originally designed for poultry houses, in which the (climate) conditions are heavy. This makes the radiators perfect for usage in other applications as well.


  • Wide adjustable heating capacity – with propane from 12% to 100%
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Light
  • No breakable ceremics
  • Withstands high pressure washing
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Capaciteit adjusting through gas pressure adjusting
  • Standard with thermo-electromagnetic safety device
  • Optional: with thermo-electromagnetic safety device with integrated clixon

The CE approved (terrace) heater works, among other things, on bottled gas. With this heater it is possible to enjoy the fresh air in the late hours outside.

With a range of 1kW to 5kW of gas heaters, there is always strong heat output when it is desired. With the gas pressure regulator it is possible to determine the gas pressure and thereby the heat output.

Thanks to the stainless-steel construction, the heater is easy to clean with chemicals or a high-pressure hose. The radiators can be suspended from the ceiling by means of a stainless steel chain, but also on a wall with the aid of a bracket.


  • Poultry houses / pigsties
  • Horse stables
  • Industrial halls (filter not necessary)
  • (Back) gardens / balconies (filter not necessary)


Type Capacity Propane I3P / G30 Natural Gas High I2E / G20 Natural Gas Low I2L / G25
M2 1kW 20-1400, 20-310 20-50, 20-300 20-50, 20-300
M3 1.5kW 20-310 20-50, 20-300 20-50, 20-300
M5 3kW 20-1400, 20-310 20-50, 20-300 20-50, 20-300
M8 5kW 20-1400, 20-310 20-50, 20-300 20-50, 20-300
Type Net Weight Maximum Gas Consumption
M2 1,05kg 72gr/h 0.090m³/h 0.108m³/h
M3 1,05kg 108gr/h 0.135m³/h 0.162m³/h
M5 1,55kg 216gr/h 0.270m³/h 0.324m³/h
M8 1,57kg 360gr/h 0.450m³/h 0.540m³/h
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