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In the early spring or when the evenings get a little cooler, we still want to enjoy the outside air as long as possible. Whether it is on your balcony, terrace or garden, Gastrion brings the sultry mediterranean evenings to you with these infrared (terrace) heaters.


  • Ceramic stone
  • Propane adjustable from 100% to 50% 
  • High infrared output
  • Standard with thermo-electromagnatic safety device
  • Mostly used with manual gas pressure controllers
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Capacity adjusting through gas pressure adjusting

The S-series infrared heaters are originally designed for use in poultry houses, where the (climate) conditions are heavy. This makes the radiators perfect to use for other applications.

The safe CE approved patio heater works, among other things, on bottled gas. With this heater it is possible to enjoy the fresh air until the late hours outside.

With 0.88kW up to 3500kW these radiators ensure a strong heat output when desired. With the regulator it is possible to determine the gas pressure and therefore the heat output.


  • Poultry houses / pigsties
  • Horse stables
  • Catering establishments (filter not necessary)
  • (Back) gardens (filter not necessary)
  • Industrial halls (filter not necassary)


Type Capacity Propane I3P / G30 in mBar Natural Gas High I2H / G20 in mBar Natural Gas Low I2L / G25 in mBar
S2 0.88kW 50-190, 350-1400 20-50 20-50
S4 1.75kW 50-190, 350-1400 20-50 20-50, 25
S8 3.5kW 50-190, 350-1400 20-50 20-50, 25
Type Net Weight Maximum Gas Consumption
S2 2.41kg 63gr/h 0.080m³/h 0.095m³/h
S4 2.95kg 126gr/h 0.158m³/h 0.189m³/h
S8 4.05kg 252gr/h 0.315m³/h 0.378m³/h

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