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Almost every barn in the agricultural market has a lot of particulate matter, unpleasant odors, diseases, breakdown and other matter. These problems are particularly present in chicken, pig and rabbit houses. By improving the climate in the barn alone, many of these problems can be reduced. To do this we delevoped a device, the Trion+ ionizer.


  • Reduces the particulate (dust) matter in the barn by + 30%
  • Reduces the risk of diseases in a particular area
  • Reduction in failure rate per round
  • Improves working conditions (staff)
  • Improvement feed conversion
  • Easy to install
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Power consumption of < 3 Watt per ionizer
  • 48 Volt (fireproof), comes with 220 Volt transformer

By installing the ionizers a few meters above the ground, every second millions of ions from the Trion+ will be dispersed through the air. The ions mix with the particulate matter present in the air and push it downwards (read more about ionisation here). The result of this is a considerably reduced percentage of particulate matter in the barn. Because the amount of particulate matter in the barn goes down, the living conditions of the animals also improve. With this method, ionisation also ensures that the particulate emissions are reduced to the outside.

Ions also adhere to other matter in addition to particulate matter, which among other things, reduces the content of odorants and germs in the air. This makes the working conditions in the barn more bearable. Several times it has accured that staff members no longer wore a mouthpiece, a choice of their own, when they entered the barn (at first this was the case).

The number of ionizers per stable can vary, but an average of about 1 ionizer per 15 m2 is maintained. With a stable size of 300 m2, an amount of + 20 ionizers will be recommended.

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