EN| Smoking Areas (Catering)

There are many places where you can smoke inside, such as smoking areas and coffee shops. At these places they have strong ventilation units to remove the odors and smoke from the room as quickly as possible. This ventilation process is not 100% effective and uses a lot of power. For these reasons a product has been developed, the Trion+ ionizer


  • Removes (smoke) air in a certain room
  • Reduces unpleasant odors in a certain room
  • Reduction of particulate matter
  • Reduces the change of fungi and other bacteria
  • No filter
  • Easy to install
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Consumption of <3 Watt per ionizer
  • 48 Volt (fireproof), comes with 220 Volt transformer

By installing the ionizers a few meters from above the ground, every second millions of ions from the Trion+ will be dispersed through the air. The ions mix with the particulate matter present in the air and push it downwards (read more about ionisation here). This results is a cleaner and fresher air around the ionizer.

In a smoking room it is recommended that the ionizer is turned on 24/7, to constantly clean the air. Thanks to the low consumption of 3 watts, the electricity costs per unit are relatively low. It’s always recommended to also still use the current ventilation.

Because the ionizer has no filter, nothing needs to be replaced and virtually no maintenance takes place. The Trion+ is IP65 approved and guarantees a long service life.

The number of Trion+ units needed in a specific room depends on the surface area and the surrounding climate. Usually it is recommended to place a Trion+ ionizer per 12 to 15m2. In a 60 m2 space, 4 to 5 Trion+ units will be installed.

The video below shows very clearly how the Trion+ ionizer works with a smoke test. Within a few minutes, the smoke in the (right) box has disappeared completely due to the ionizor.

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