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When someone does his daily work in a truck or van, it is important to keep this place clean. After all a drivers cabine is a multi-functional cabine. It is used for many things such as eating, sleeping, smoking, relexing and other day to day activities which are done by the drivers. Therfore, often and unconsciously, a lot of bacteria and other matter is floating through the air. In order to create a healthy workplace and living environment a product has been developed that addresses these problems, the Trion+ ionizer.


  • Reduces unpleasant odors in the cabin
  • Reduces the risk of allergies (including hay fever) and other bacteria
  • Improves working conditions (driver stays fitter and fresher)
  • Removes smoke 
  • No filter
  • Easy to install
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Power consumption of <3 Watt per ionizor
  • 48 Volt (fireproof), comes with 220 Volt transformer
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The Trion+ ionizer while hanging on the ceiling of the cabin releases millions of ions every second. The ions mix with the dust, smoke and other matter in the air and push them down (read more about ionisation here). The result is that the air in the cabin is clean and fresh. It is recommended that the ionizer is at least turned on when someone is present in the cabin. Thanks to the consumption of 3 watts, the electricity costs per unit are relatively low.

Also, The content of fragrances and germs in the air decreases dramatically. This creates a more bearable working environment in the cabine. Because the Trion+ has no filter, nothing needs to be replaced and virtually no maintenance takes place. The ionizer is IP65 approved and guarantees a long service life. Especially for in trucks, a 220 Volt transformer is included with every ionizer.

Several studies have proven that fresh and clean air ensures that you are better focused during your daily work, that you feel fresher and that you also experience a better night’s sleep.

The video below shows very clearly how the Trion+ ionizer works with a smoke test. Within a few minutes, the smoke in the (right) box has disappeared completely due to the ionizor.

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