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The Trion+ is a strong ionizer that is designed to reduce finedust, bacteria and other matter from the air. The ionizer can be used in multiple environments including smoking areas, chicken and rabbit stalls and truck cabins. Every second the Trion+ ionizer releases more than 1.2 billion ions per/cm3, this results in a cleaner indoor climate with less chance of diseases and allergies.


  • Reduces the percentage of particulate matter (PM2.5 / PM10) in a certain space
  • Reduces the chance of diseases and allergies for humans and animals
  • Reduces unpleasant odors and smoke (air)
  • Improved working conditions (concentration)
  • Easy to install
  • No filter
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Powerconsumption of <3W per ionizer
  • 48 Volt (fireproof), comes with 220 Volt transformer

The units can easily be connected one after the other, this offers the possibility of usage in several application areas. The Trion+ is supplied with a 220 Volt to 48 Volt (fireproof) transformer. Due to the consumption of less than 3W, it is possible to connect several Trion + units to a transformer.

The Trion+ is IP65 waterproof, which makes industrial use (among others intensive livestock farming and processing industry) possible. These industries often require solid and water-resistant applications. Due to the strong exterior and the water resistance, the Trion + can also function in rougher environments and under severe (climate) conditions.

Trion+ schuin 3

Trion+ connector

The video below shows very clearly how the Trion+ ionizer works with a smoke test. Within a few minutes, the smoke in the (right) box has disappeared completely due to the ionizor.


  • Smokers room / smoking area
  • Poultry houses / rabbit stables
  • Trucks / car workshops
  • Wood / metal industry
  • Rooms with strong / nasty odors
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